'On The Run' sent to the press

We sent our latest book to press 2 days ago. It is titled On The Run: Become the Leader You Are Destined to Be, by Steve & Sandra Long. This marks our 7th book in a little over a year, our 8th if your count the Spanish version of Designed For Inheritance.

I'm still kind of shocked, to be honest. I've dreamed many things for my career, including writing books myself (which will come in time), but never did I ever think I might be running a publishing business. So I'm praising God for that, and trying to take stock a little bit. Speaking of stock, we've sold close to 10,000 physical books in the last year (spread across those 8 titles).

Over the next few months, I'm going to try and explain this process to you. We started a publishing company from nothing, with no prior experience whatsoever, just because the opportunity was right and God seemed to be involved. Thankfully God is more involved than ever, and we're having to turn down manuscripts because we can't keep up with the pace. Amazing. I want to share with you what we've learned. The game has changed. Publishing is easy. You can do it too.

Stay tuned while I come down from this high euphoric mountain and collect my thoughts into something cohesive. Useful blog posts coming soon.