Something great belongs to you! Dreams, value, identity, acceptance; it all matters because it part of your original design. It is your birthright to be fulfilled by inheritance.

But are you really satisfied? Is your life full of growth and adventure and healthy relationships? Are you even aware that you're set up for greatness?

With personal stories, practical teaching and deep revelation, Designed For Inheritance is a fresh invitation to encounter true love Himself. A call to hear clearly from the only voice that can define you. As you receive the embrace that will change your life, you will discover the unimaginable realities of your sonship and inheritance.

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In a world so broken by fatherlessness, Carlos’ new book is a beacon of hope shining like a lighthouse. Many who are far from home will see the light in these pages and return to the heart of the Father.
Rock n Roll is an incredible way to live. The heights you reach and the sights you see are beyond your wildest imaginations! Putting yourself on a stage for all to adore is the dream of every performer. Being number one on the charts for the longest time is the goal in the heart of every artist whether they admit it or not. It’s also a breeding ground for fear and a lifetime of insecurity.

As I began to read this book, my eyes began to flood at the acknowledgement of fathers. By the time I was five or six paragraphs in, little rivulets of water were pouring down my face. I had to set it down and try to compose myself. My heart was pounding and I was completely overcome. The Holy Spirit was soothing my aching heart and massaging my deepest fears.

It may have taken a year to write this book but its taken 33 years to produce it. Carlos Rodriguez lives it. His life is the sermon, his surrender is the space between paragraphs, his example is an inspiration to this rock and roller. The lessons contained here are probably the hardest I’ve ever been faced with. But they are also the most liberating, the most freeing and the most yoke breaking joy of revelation I’ve ever heard. I owe that joy to Carlos Rodriguez and Designed for Inheritance.

Between these pages Carlos shares his unique insight into what it is to truly live as a son of God. It’s a perspective that can only come from time devoted to walking the walk, living the life and laying yourself down. Even when it came time to release this book, Carlos delayed its publication so that another could have a clear field to launch his instead. He chose to prefer someone else over his own needs. He chose to be the least. Wow!

If you are weighed down by perfectionism, competitiveness, insecurity and self-recrimination, you will find a key to that prison in the stories, anecdotes and revelations in Designed for Inheritance. If you are struggling to understand the incredible grace extended by your Father; if you are desperate for examples on how to practically cultivate favour and opportunity; I believe the life lessons illustrated here will provide the answers you are searching for the way they have done for me.

It is my joy and privilege to share the journey with this man and my honour to recommend him and Designed for Inheritance to you!!
Carlos Rodriguez hits a home run sharing his candid vulnerable journey of sonship.
Carlos and his wife Catherine are two of my favorite people on the planet. Just like the book of Hebrews describes how Jesus is the exact representation of the Father, they represent the Father’s heart with excellence. They do family so well, and God trusts them so much with His beloved family. Because their lives preach their message far more than any sermon ever could, I believe that this book is more than information, but more of an impartation to heal life’s hurts. It invites you on a journey of sonship, and brings you into the most intimate relationship that you ever could have dreamed of with your Heavenly Father!!! Go on the journey of a lifetime into the very heart of your Heavenly Daddy. Bravo Carlos. Well done!!
In the book “Designed for Inheritance” you will discover your greatest call to be a Son or Daughter of the King of Glory. While reading I found myself laughing and crying as Carlos so elegantly revealed His personal journey of sonship. I would highly recommend this book because it serves as a road map of life to break the orphan spirit and step into your birthright that Jesus purchased over 2000 years ago.
Reading the first chapter is like getting on a horse a little too wild to handle, but somehow the thrill is greater than the fear. Pastor Carlos has tapped into the untamed love of the Father and he is barely holding on. Rarely do I find a book well written by a man riding through life at full blast. Carlos takes us down the beaten path of the parable of the prodigal son and yet reveals to us unknown horizons of God’s heart. Also, this book bleeds the sound theology of sonship which is so lacking in the church. It is a good read and a good jolt to the heart; in these pages we can hear the pounding thunder of Father running toward us.
This book is good. This book is very good. The author has such a strong teacher’s anointing. Through these lines you will be educated, awakened and challenged to live out your true identity as sons and daughters of God, the perfect Father. Be prepared for many eye openers, big smiles, and a few tears, as this book nudges you closer to the heart of the Father. Through it, you will learn to know and define yourself as a child who trusts God enough to call him Daddy. It certainly has brought me closer to my Abba. It’s a must read for every child of God.
Carlos is a strong, passionate man who has learnt what it means to be a son and a father to many around him. With piercing clarity he bravely shares his own journey towards the safety of embracing a life of spiritual sonship, amidst the sort of pride and pitfalls that we all face. This is a helpful wake-up call to our identity in Christ and also to being humble enough to realise that position isn’t everything. Drawing extensively on the example of biblical characters in their own shaping and battles with identity, Carlos’ work is beautifully and poetically written, yet disarmingly honest about the human condition. It will challenge you to answer his question ‘Whose son are you?” and it will propel you to live-out your inheritance of sonship to impact the world.

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