God wants to see everyone, everywhere, become healthy.

My Healing Belongs to Me is a simple, practical guide to receiving healing and ministering healing to others! Packed with clear Biblical truth, it contains a lifetime of exciting stories of God healing everything from leprosy to death itself.  Steve Long presents all that the Bible has to say about healing, to provide the most effective tools for ministering to the sick.

What people are saying about My Healing Belongs To Me

Steve Long is one of the most trusted pastors I know. His approach to healing is profound in its simplicity, and powerful in its impact. I’m sure you’ll be challenged and encouraged as you read My Healing Belongs to Me.
— Bill Johnson - Bethel Church, Redding, CA
With this book, Steve Long blows the lid off our limited expectations of how God can use us to release healing miracles. Using amazing testimonies of his experiences with healing, Steve makes it so easy to believe that ordinary people can live supernatural lives. Get ready to do the “greater things” that Jesus promised!
— Grant Mullen M.D. - Author of Emotionally Free
It is a very great honour to recommend to you this outstanding book, My Healing Belongs To Me, by Pastor Steve Long. Steve has an incredible “charism” that is currently essential in the Body of Christ at large. As Roman Catholics, we often struggle with the questions of whether God wants to heal us or not, whether we should be carrying this burden or pain, and identifying with the sufferings of Christ. Steve amazingly removes the notion that we need to carry anything further, as the Cross of Christ has crucified all our sufferings once and for all and by His stripes we are healed. One of the important lessons you will draw from this book, whether you are Catholic or not, is that God’s healing power is personally meant for all of us, and we can all appropriate it. We can boldly come to His Throne of Grace without any doubts, make our petition known, and expect to be healed!
— Matteo Calisi - Founder and President of The Community of Jesus; Vatican Council member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity; Former President of the Catholic Fraternity
After many years of knowing Steve and being involved with his ministry we appreciate the encouragement he gives to so many wanting to grow in their faith for healing and the love of God. Filled with personal stories of the miraculous, this book will encourage you and increase your faith for healing in your own life and the lives of others.
— Rolland & Heidi Baker - Co-Founders and Directors of Iris Global
My Healing Belongs to Me, by Steve Long, is a powerful book filled with the truth of God’s love and desire to see you healed. The stories and testimonies along with scriptural reference is uplifting. This is a great book to encourage those who need healing including those who don’t know Jesus. I highly recommend that you buy several copies and give it away!
— Dr. Ché Ahn - Apostle, Harvest Apostolic Center Apostolic Leader, HRock Church, Pasadena, CA President, Harvest International Ministry International Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute


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About the Author

Steve Long has ministered with his wife Sandra at our church in Summerside P.E.I. and we saw many healings during their stay with us. This book is simply exceptional on so many levels. Firstly it is biblically supported at every stop and is full of small tips taking the mystery out of ‘healing ministry.’ I love the way Steve gives so many illustrations of how everyone gets to play and participate in healing. Ministry is not simply for the platform guests and this book makes that point over and over. God wants to use you to heal and this book will wet your appetite for more. ‘Not only did Jesus minister out of his humanity but he expects us to do the same.’ In fact, I could re-read this book simply to be encouraged by the stories in themselves.
— Andrew Bryce - Pastor of Sunnyside Community Church, P.E.I
In this book, Steve in his characteristic style expounds deep truths about healing the sick in a simple, easy-to-grasp way. Through faith-building stories, he takes you on his own personal journey. Definitely a must-read for those who want to embark on an adventure of doing the works of Jesus.
— Sam Onyenuforo - Senior Pastor, Oasis Church, Colliers Wood, England
Steve Long is one of the most naturally supernatural Christians I know and his book reflects that. Steve shows that healing is accessible, available and the Father’s desire for us. He helps us to see that healing is not some mysterious roll of the dice but the intentional ongoing acts of a loving Heavenly Father.
— David Campbell - Regional Leader, Metropolitan Regions, Elim Pentecostal Church, UK
This glorious book, My Healing Belongs to Me, by Steve Long is a must read for those who desire to see God use them to bring healing to people in very natural and practical ways. With a wonderful combination of scripture and anecdotes, Steve nails it by powerfully revealing, God still heals today!
— Chris DuPre - Speaker; Worship Leader; Author of “The Wild Love of God”
Progressive truths come when you pioneer. At one time we thought only a few prophets could prophesy. Now we know that every believer in Christ has the prophetic anointing within waiting to be activated. We may each prophecy! At one time we believed that healing belonged to only the specially gifted. Now we know that in Christ Jesus we are all specially gifted! With this view in mind, it is my honor to commend to you the teaching by Steve Long. Healing is the children’s bread!
— James W Goll - Encounters Network Award winning Best Selling Author
I have had the privilege of joining Steve on a number of occasions where he demonstrated that healing is for everyone. All of the body of Christ has authority to heal and God can heal all. This book is the most practical and encouraging work I have ever read on the subject of healing. It reveals Steve’s heart and struggles (that most of us go through) as he sets his spirit to work with the Holy Spirit.
— Jeremy Sinnott - Worship Leader and Teacher, Catch The Fire
The teaching in this book is a vital gift to the Body of Christ. At a time when many believers aren’t sure if healing for today, or have based their beliefs on what may or may not have happened to someone who needed healing, Steve takes us to the ultimate authority: God’s Word.
— Bill Prankard - Canadian Evangelist, President of Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association
What an incredible book. As you read testimony after testimony, and Scripture after Scripture, you will be challenged to pray for the sick and see them healed. Pastor Steve Long shows us that anyone can pray for healing . . . and everyone can experience it!
— Wesley and Stacey Campbell - Founding Pastors: www.newlife.bc.ca Founders: www.beahero.org
Steve’s incredible book, masterfully weaves profound biblical truth, deep theology and stunning, real life stories of outstanding miracles that will blow your mind as you laugh and cry, supercharging you to heal the sick and receive the healing you are longing for. His depth of knowledge, conviction, simplicity, transparency and humility, irresistibly draw us to live an extraordinary life only Jesus could live through us.
— Duncan Smith - Co-Founder of Catch The Fire World, author of Consumed By Love
I know Steve Long and deeply admire his love for God and His Word. He has written a book that reveals his passions about healing. This will encourage many people who long to be healed
— Dr. R. T. Kendall - Minister, Westminster Chapel, London (1977-2002)
As leaders we get the privilege of hearing many amazing people around the world speaking on healing the sick. All have taught us incredible truth but there are few that have inspired us by their lifestyle as much as Steve. He preaches so clearly on Heaven being manifest on Earth but then demonstrates it at the curry house! We warmly recommend not just his book but the man himself!
— Stuart & Chloe Glassborow - Senior Pastors of Catch The Fire London
This is an excellent book from a man with a true servant heart. Steve has written a very practical guide to Healing, combining stories from his own first-hand experiences with clear explanation of scriptural principles. This book will enable you to apply God’s healing to your own life and the lives of others.
— Noel Richards - Worship Leader, Songwriter and Author
At a time when the Christian church in the West is waking up once more to the supernatural dimension to our faith, it is a joy to warmly commend this book to you. A cursory review of the new Testament shows how much content the writers gave over to the healing miracles of Jesus in their testimony about him and his identity as the Messiah. How right and timely it is for us to return to this central theme and to do the works that Jesus did. Steve’s approach to this topic is both biblically based and warmly pastoral. Testimony after testimony are given to show that Jesus heals today through his faithful, Spirit empowered Church. I encourage you to draw inspiration and courage from Steve’s own journey into the healing ministry and ‘step out of the boat’ with faith declaring to a needy world: “this healing belongs to you because of what Jesus did on the cross
— Rick Oldland - Team Leader, Partners in Harvest Europe
Intrinsic truths regarding Steve’s statement, “Our God is a healing God,” are clearly presented. Issues which so often cloud our thinking regarding healing ministry are also addressed in light of scripture. Your heart will be thrilled, as was mine, journeying through the daily reality of healing ministry in the life of Jesus, echoed today in the lives of many such as Steve. This is a reality offered to us all.
— April Stephenson - Member of the Ontario Prophetic Council Author of Knowing God Through Prayer
Can you as a Christian pray for healing? Should you as a Christian pray for healing? Steve Long takes us on his personal journey in answer to these questions. Walk with Steve and you will find that God’s heart is that all would be healed. This healing truly belongs to you!
— Ralph A. Beisner - Pastor, Author, Lawyer, Retired New York State Justice
In recent days we have been experiencing a restoration of God’s divine power, refreshing, and healing. For me, Steve Long is a loving representative of this fresh outpouring. I consider him a personal friend and a great friend of the Holy Spirit. I would encourage hungry hearts to lay hold of the wonderful truths Steve has shared in his book, Healing Belongs to Me. The principles he shares will set you on fire to see the works of God manifested in and through your life and ministry. His fun stories reveal amazing keys for releasing the healing anointing. His “simple” prayer will stick with you as you endeavor to do the works of Christ. My Healing Belongs to Me is a treasure that will encourage you to partner with God in releasing His healing power today.
— Mahesh Chavda - Sr. Pastor, All Nations Church, Charlotte, NC
I can wholeheartedly endorse Steve’s new book My Healing Belongs to Me. It is such a captivating personal journey of Steve’s search for Healing. Miracles are for today & God loves to heal people. May this book help you find the amazing love The Lord has for you.
— Pastor Ian McCormack - www.aglimpseofeternity.org www.kingsgate.org.uk
It has been my privilege to know Steve Long for the last twenty years. I have watched both his life and his ministry develop and would go as far as to say that he is one of the most spiritual men I have had the joy of meeting. Steve is a practitioner of the healing message and I have been with him in many churches, on many occasions and seen the hand of God move very powerfully in healing through his ministry. What you have before you in this book is Steve’s passion for, and journey into a ministry that is sometimes very hard to understand. I heartily recommend this book to you and pray that you also will see more healing as you seek to serve the Lord.
— Pastor Kevin Peat - Regional Leader for Elim Churches in Scotland, North Wales and North West England
I strongly endorse this book to you, it is loaded with all the scriptural references. Authority will
be released into your personal witness for Jesus. You will experience His authority and power
every day as I do. 13 years of ministry with power and confidence of JESUS! Why Not! You can because of what JESUS has done!
— Sam Larbie - Right Now Jesus Centre, London, UK
Two of the many reasons I love Steve Long are his courage and transparency. He was courageous enough to step into some very big shoes: the senior pastor role of the church that hosted “The Toronto Blessing”. His transparency is seen in this delightful book on healing, with stories of the thrill of victory and the questions left when healing didn’t manifest. This book will refresh all of us on this journey of the supernatural.
— Dan Slade - International Coordinator, Partners in Harvest
Twelve years ago, when I came to Canada, I started attending Catch The Fire Church. I was brokenhearted and wounded in both my body and my spirit from the torture and persecution I received, just because I was a Christian. God used this church and Pastor Steve Long to heal my wounds and to make me whole again. This book is not just a theory or an idea, this teaching through the Holy Spirit changed and saved my life.
— Rev. Majed El Shafie - President and Founder One Free World International for Human Rights