Radical character development from the life of king david

We all think of King David as a man after God’s heart, but did you know his career started with lies, deceit, rage, and compromise? The volatile young man who fled Saul into the desert was not yet a man after God’s heart, but in three years on the run God prepared him to reign like no other.

Join the ride as Steve & Sandra Long take us through David’s thrilling wilderness journey to undergo a crash course in leadership preparation that each of us will benefit from. Full of memorable storytelling and keen insight, On The Run is a leadership guide for the rest of us.

What people are saying about On The Run

This book has given me revelatory insight into the life of David, as well as practical application as to how I can become a man after God’s heart. I have a renewed appreciation for how God designs our journeys to shape and develop us so we can grow to the greatness needed to fulfill His destiny.
— Jerry Anderson - President of La Red, International Business Leader
It is often thought that leaders are born, but the reality is the leadership can be trained. This
book looks at the character David from the Bible. David became the greatest king of the Israelites. He learned valuable lessons in leadership before he became King, which is covered in this book. Lessons that he carried throughout the ups and downs of his life. Steve has studied these traits and presented them succinctly in this book. We can all learn from the life of this amazing King. This book helps us all extend our leadership skills!
— Joe Daniel - MP Don Valley East, Toronto
Steve & Sandra have masterfully unpacked the leadership lessons from David’s life on the run and combined them with practical teaching on how to apply these lessons to one’s own life. Having known them for many years, I can say that they truly embody David’s key leadership qualities of hearts after God, humility and transparency.
— Garth Jestley - Executive Director, LeaderImpact
Personal. Plain speak. Practical. My description of Steve Long’s teaching after listening to his sermons for over 10 years. This book is no different. On almost every page, I learned a new fact, laughed over an anecdote or was inspired by some deep insight. The Personal Application sections are a step-by-step guide to becoming a better leader.
— Derek Milne - CEO, Trimark Sportswear
A mistake we often make is our assumption that God only calls perfect people to serve him. Steve Long in this inspiring book traces the seeds of leadership through the tumultuous and passionate life of David. This is a challenging book, and definitely relevant to our needy times.
— George Carey - Lord Carey of Clifton, Archbishop of Canterbury 1991-2002
Steve & Sandra Long’s new book, On The Run: Become the Leader You Are Destined to Be, is an amazing book full of applicable insights from the life of David. I found it engaging, encouraging and enlightening. I love books that are based upon biblical people, but full of insights from our time as well. This book will cause you to read the Old Testament passages pertaining to David’s life. This is a book with powerful insights and recommendations that help the reader step into their divine destiny. I highly recommend On The Run!
— Randy Clark, D. Min. - Founder and President of Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
I am very excited about Steve & Sandra’s new book On The Run: Become the Leader You Are Destined to Be for one simple yet critically important reason. Most books dealing with achieving God’s will for our callings and destinies are primarily focused on the outward skills of leadership. Steve, on the other hand, is correctly addressing how we can build solid foundations on which a solid building (our futures) can readily stand the tests of time, trials, and temptations.

It seems the body of Christ is filled with broken monuments of ministries that were highly effective but have come crashing down because a solid foundation of Christ like character was not there to support what went up. It is not enough to be talented and outwardly skilled. God has created us to reflect not merely the ministry of Christ, but, more importantly, the person of Christ - “The messenger is the message, and the teacher is the teaching”, as I like to say. This work is a tool that can be powerfully utilized to dig deep into the soil of our souls and draw out those potential stumbling blocks which in the long run would tend to bring things crashing down. Indeed, this is a book which can help us to not only run well the race before us, but, even more importantly, finish well for the glory of God.
— Marc A. Dupont - Mantle of Praise Ministries, Inc
For 20 years at Catch The Fire, Steve and Sandra have been exposed to exceptional and extraordinary leaders from all over the world. They have discerned, observed and conversed with God’s choice men and women. This book is about that ... What is the process to fruitfulness and promotion in our lives and ministry? They write about that unusual space, the distance between David being a shepherd and a king. Their insights will shorten that space and lengthen your reign.
— Pastor Doug A. Schneider - The Embassy

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