A compelling orientation to life, God, and everything else

Life had given me everything. Popularity. Friends. Love life.
I really had everything going for me.

But the truth is that I was just floating along in a sea of other people’s expectations. If life was a game of poker I didn’t know the rules. I didn’t know what I was doing, where I was going or why. Somehow I had missed out on the orientation class for life, love, and pretty much everything.

And then one day, in an unexplored part of an old house I came across a book. Massive. Ancient. Like something from the mystical past. I cracked it open. And found myself.

In a world full of competing voices, the first 11 chapters of Genesis offer a compelling orientation to existence, one that makes sense of the world and of your place within it. Is it somehow possible, that within the pages of that ancient book lies a blueprint prepared just for you, to set you on course to living the fullest kind of life?


What people are saying about ORIENTED

In the morning I like to read the Bible and some inspirational Christian authors, while at night I turn to Pulitzer prize winning literature. In Gordon C. Harris’ Oriented I found a beautiful blend of all three. With great skill he has weaved personal story, penetrating insight on the Book of Genesis, and the seemingly palpable presence of God into the pages of this book. It will touch your heart.
— Ed Piorek - Pastor, Author of "The Father Loves You"
I loved reading this book. Gordon is a poet, a mystic, a scholar and still the kind of person we can all identify with. He is like a protestant Henri Nouwen, inviting us to read Scripture with our whole hearts. As he unveils his own candid, compelling and informed personal journey with Genesis 1-11, we are drawn into the opening stories of Genesis in fresh ways.
This book models a type of reading that is described in Psalm 1 as “delighting in the law of the Lord” and “meditating day and night.” It invites us to read Scripture deeply, to “read words out loud again so they fill the air . . .With vowels and letters and phrases. Chew them, taste them, spit them out again so they can be heard and seen in the imagination.”
Gordon brings a genuine faith, knowledge of scholarship, and an engagement with temporary contemporary culture to his reading and the result is a rich and edifying read that encourages us not us to be afraid of asking hard questions, of wrestling with God, and of meeting The Book’s author face to face.
— Marion Taylor - Professor of Old Testament at Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology
Gordon C. Harris is a father in the Lord who relentlessly pursues the Kingdom and His presence. Gordon is dedicated to seeing a new generation serve God. In his new book, Gordon delves deeply into the Creation story in a way that will stimulate you to think and inspire you to embrace your calling. Not shying away from the hard questions, Gordon will help you fall more in love with the Ultimate Designer! May the Creator of the universe meet you in the pages of this book and lead you into the palace of your dreams!
— Kris Vallotton - Leader at Bethel Church, Redding, CA, Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry
In Oriented Gordon Harris invites us on an intimate journey with him into the fascinating world of Genesis 1-11. Gordon brings together his own honest reflections on the nature of life and meaning with accurate yet accessible interactions with the opening and foundational chapters of the Bible. You will find here no pat answers to these enigmatic ancient texts, but rather an opportunity to encounter the God of the universe.
— Mark J. Boda, Ph.D. - Professor of Old Testament, McMaster Divinity College, Professor in the Faculty of Theology, McMaster University

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