When desperate men and women humble themselves and cry out to God, their passion moves His heart. Our hunger for God’s fullness unleashes tsunami waves of His Spirit, which restore truth, righteousness, and power to our families, societies and nations. 

When we look at the patterns present in prior revivals, keys are revealed to unlock God’s plans for us here and now, and to access His heart. God desires to expand our understanding, heal our hearts, and take us onto the next things. Waves of Revival explores four major revivals, and provides a framework for understanding what God is going to do next.


The Reformation
The Great Awakening
The Azusa Street Revival
The Toronto Blessing

What people are saying about The Power of Thanksgiving

Our dear friends Fred and Sharon capture the heartbeat of true revival by skillfully weaving through 2000 years of church history. The Toronto Outpouring dramatically impacted the landscape of revival around the world. This book is an excellent teaching resource for students of revival who want to glean from the experiences of our anointed forefathers in the faith. Read, grow, and enjoy!
— DR. HEIDI BAKER - Founding Director, Iris Ministries, Author of Birthing the Miraculous, Compelled by Love, Living as Sons and Daughters, There is Always Enough, and more
I am pleased to recommend Fred Wright as an author. I have been present for the live presentation of the material that this book contains, and I have found it to be engaging, informative, and enriching. Fred is a careful researcher and historian. His insights into the history of revival carry significant weight. This will be a unique and useful contribution to revival literature and should be helpful to the average person interested in the nature and dynamics of revival. Most especially, I think it will put the Toronto Blessing in its proper historical perspective.
— R. LOREN SANDFORD - Pastor, New Song Fellowship, Thornton, Colorado, Author of Acts, Prophetic Word 2014, Visions of the Coming Days, Renewal for the Wounded Warrior, and more
I shall look forward to adding this one to my revival library. Fred Wright has given us an admirable work. Though he will likely be criticized for linking past revivals to the Toronto Blessing and several others in recent years, I believe he will be proven quite correct in doing so. It seems that revivals, like artists, are most appreciated when they are dead and gone. Thank you, Fred, for this gripping coverage of the past and this thrilling assessment of the present and future. Thanks also for honoring my dear friends, John and Carol Arnott, who have taught us that whatever we receive from the Lord is worth giving away. And the giving goes on!
— JACK TAYLOR - President, Dimensions Ministries, Author of Much More, The Hallelujah Factor, Word of God with Power, The Key to Triumphant Living, Prayer and more

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