What's next for me?

Whether you're new to God, new to Catch The Fire, or wise to both, God has a hope and a future for you that is better than you've imagined. We'd like to help you see it.


I am a new Christian

That's awesome! If you are a new Christian, you have just experienced the beginning of your new, eternal life in Jesus Christ. Here are some things to do next:

  1. Know that you are forgiven. Your sins no longer have a hold on you, you are set free from shame, and from condemnation. You are a new creation in Christ.
  2. Pray. If you're not already talking to God, start talking to Him. Ask Him to show you how much He loves you. Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ask for grace and peace in your life.
  3. Listen. God is always talking to us, but we don't always hear Him. God's voice often sounds like your own flow of thoughts in your head. You can identify His voice as different from your own when you consider that His thoughts towards you are always good, always kind, always loving and full of hope.
  4. Read the Bible. Start with the Gospel of John, and then the book of Acts and the Psalms. These books will help you understand who God is and what the Christian life can look like if you'll let God transform you.
  5. Find a community of other Christians that you can do life with. 


I need a change in my life

Tired of boring Christianity? Depressed and in pain? Unable to shake free of the shame and guilt of things you've done in your life? Burned out from ministry? Divorced and still hurting? Sick in your body?

Whatever your situation is, God longs to meet with you and transform you from the inside out. While it is difficult to understand why God allows suffering, we've found that He is most interested in dealing with the matters of our heart before anything else. 

Did you know that you can encounter God in such a way that he can remove years of pain from you in an instant? He can remove your heavy burden in just moments.

If you are desperate for this kind of encounter with God, then we invite you to join us in person at a Catch The Fire conference, seminar or school. Our staff are passionate and caring, and we live to see people like you encounter freedom and joy by experiencing the embrace of the Good Father.  Go to catchthefire.com/events to find out when we'll be near you, or visit catchthefire.com/churches to find a local community of Christians who will help you encounter this God of love.

what is Catch The Fire?

We are a family of Christian churches and ministries, dedicated to helping you encounter God and experience his transforming love and power. 

In 1994, a small church near the airport in Toronto began to experience a major revival. The Holy Spirit touched thousands of people and began to heal their hearts of years of pain and rejection. The Holy Spirit revealed to us that we have a truly loving Heavenly Father, one that we can call "Abba", just like Jesus did. 

Ever since then, we have been spreading the word of this good Father, and His willingness to transform your life. We plant churches wherever there are people hungry to experience God. We run conferences and events at our major church centres around the world. We conduct schools and training programs to raise people up in the ministry of love and healing. 

And we publish books, music and other media that we believe will help you encounter God in a real and powerful way. 

Learn more about us at catchthefire.com.

May God bless you with His close presence.

At Catch The Fire, we are dedicated to helping people encounter God and experience transformation.