Read a book. Be transformed.

Catch The Fire Books was created in 2013 to ensure that the world could be resourced with print and digital reading materials that have been forged in the fires of revival. Catch The Fire Books is a division of Catch The Fire (formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship), an organization that has grown out of the incredible “Father’s Blessing” revival that begin in Toronto in 1994 and continues today.


A Bigger Picture

As a publisher, we are blessed to be a part of something bigger.  Catch The Fire as a whole is all about seeing lives transformed through encounters with our heavenly Father - the books we produce are just an extension of this.  We believe that one person's encounter and revelation can inspire and be a catalyst for transformation for a million others, we believe these stories, teachings and revelations will do just that - be a catalyst for transformation.

Within Catch The Fire we have created a group of media departments that function like siblings in a family:


Catch The Fire Music

Right alongside our books publishing division is a new indie record label.  This label is tasked with capturing a new sound of worship that is rising from within Catch The Fire. Their goal is to raise up new worship leaders and songwriters that will lead us into incredible encounters with heaven.


Catch The Fire Distribution

We have set up a Canadian distributor of Christian books, music, DVDs and apparel, located in Toronto. This department functions as the official distributor of Catch The Fire Books and Catch The Fire Music, and the exclusive Canadian distributor of a number of products from various Christian ministries.


Revival Magazine

This online magazine publication is jam-packed with articles, devotionals and news stories that will help fuel your own personal revival. Revival Magazine is there to provide perspective on living everyday life with God, while bringing bold encouragement to live supernaturally and beyond the limits we set ourselves.

Catch The Fire TV.png

Catch The Fire TV

For over twenty years Catch The Fire has been a forerunner in online video streaming - the goal has always been to make revival accessible to everyone, where ever you are. Now, through the power of YouTube you can access thousands of archived meetings with incredible speakers and tune in to live services every week.

The Team

Emily Wright, Naomi Parnell, Marcott Bernarde, Benjamin Jackson, Rachel McDonagh, Jonathan Puddle, Alice Clarke

Emily Wright, Naomi Parnell, Marcott Bernarde, Benjamin Jackson, Rachel McDonagh, Jonathan Puddle, Alice Clarke

Catch The Fire Books is blessed with a large and ever changing team of designers, copywriters, editors and publicists. Working in synergy with the all the other divisions at Catch The Fire in Toronto, we all wear many hats and take on many roles.  Our new publishing endeavours reap the reward of all the skilled and talented staff, interns and students that for a season call Catch The Fire home.

Jonathan Puddle

Taking the lead in all our new books projects is Jonathan.  He co-directs our publishing endeavours with Benjamin Jackson and can typically be found in the prayer room or immersed in royalty calculations and contracts for our authors.

Benjamin Jackson

While overseeing all events and communications at Catch The Fire, Benjamin is also key in bringing to life all our books.  He co-directs the department along with Jonathan Puddle and leads the team of creative talent that pull together the finished products.


Marcott Bernarde

This outstanding young lady is our lead designer for all of Catch The Fire and oversees all the design and layout process in each of our books.  She has a wonderful team that work alongside her and make everything look beautiful.